70% Solution- The Key To Completion

Today I am going to talk about the concept of the 70% solution. It is a concept I learned not too long ago that really helped me out in my own personal life and development. This solution represents the idea that you should always trade perfection for completion when in the beginning stages of developing an idea, product, or service .

The reason for this is that it is better to have work out that you are 70% satisfied with as as long as you are committed to putting 100% of it out there. With this in mind you become much more free to act without the fear of failure. This is a great concept for people like myself who struggle with trying to be a perfectionist. I am always trying to improve something, even though sometimes there isn’t much more that could possibly be improved without completely starting from scratch. If you never release something than it doesn’t matter in the first place how perfect it is.

As an example I will talk about this recently launched blog. The content on this blog and any blog for that matter could be improved; however, without publishing this site there would be no content to read. And without publishing this post you would be completely unaware of the concept. This is the 70% solution at work.


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