The law of 33%

Based on our most recent post, I thought this was a perfect time to touch on a new concept that I recently learned that highly intrigued me. This is called the law of 33%. In essence, this law says that 33% of your time should be split up evenly between 3 different groups of people.

The first 33% is the most simple. This is time spent with people who you would consider below you. For example, maybe you are higher up at your current company and you wish to help an intern learn some new skills. Or perhaps maybe you are an experienced stock trader and wish to help somebody learn the basics who is just starting out. The point is that as you learn and grow it is important to share the knowledge you learn and give advice to others. Helping others is key and will also aid you in your own growth and personal development.

The second 33% is one that was touched on in our previous post.This is time spent with people you would consider who are on “the same level” as you. In other words your friends and peers. As mentioned before it is VERY important who you choose to spend your time with. You need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who have a vision, work hard, support you and are working towards similar goals. Your peer group should motivate you and push you not bring you down. Non constructive Negativity is the worst thing you can be around and you need to avoid it like the plague at all costs.

This leads us to the last 33%, which is actually the most important of the three. This is time spent with people who you would consider above you ie. people who are at a level of success or a point in life that you are looking to attain and working towards being at. This is the most crucial part of your success because seeing people where you want to be make you realize it is possible, which is more powerful than you know. Your limit and potential is only caused by your beliefs about what is attainable so seeing people achieve are very important to your success. Take the history of the four minute mile for example, it was impossible until one man accomplished it. After that many people accomplished the four minute mile feat. Finding mentors and surrounding yourself with successful people also pushes you to work harder and to enhance your threshold of excellence.  It also provides you with a person who will track your progress and keep you in check and work towards your goals. Lastly, they are a huge source of motivation which is huge. They will inspire you and help push you on those days when you feel like giving up.

SUMMARY:  The law of 33% percent says your time should be divided equally between three different parties. This is people below you, on the same level, and above you. This is key to your personal growth and your path towards being successful.



  1. Thank you for referring me to this post in our conversation earlier last week. This allows me to think about things a little differently with regards to who I am spending my time with!


    • That is great to hear we are hoping this can make a difference for you 🙂 most people don’t realize how important it is that you surround yourself with the right people!

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      • Yes, but also that there can be a balance. What we want, as Personal Development educators is to help those that are still learning so while it’s important to surround yourself with those that lift you up, you also have to be the one that is doing the lifting … balance is key as you said. 🙂

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      • Yes exactly 🙂 the best part of learning and bettering yourself is to be able to give back and help others achieve the same type of success!

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