Who you surround yourself with is who you’ll become

You might have memories of your parents telling you to not hang out with a certain child. You might remember as a child hanging out with certain individuals while avoiding others, well as an adult these choices are much more important. It is important in your adult life to pick your friends wisely. I believe the influence of people around you is often overlooked. It comes down to micro decisions, from what to eat, what do with your evenings and what activities to pursue. Success all comes down to the decisions that you make on a daily basis and the people you surround yourself with have a huge effect on this.

So how do you know what the right crowd is for you? Firstly, you have to find people you get along with. There is no point in hanging out with people because of their level success if you don’t enjoy your time with them. Secondly, you have to assess whether people provide you a net benefit. What defines benefit is up to you, this also doesn’t mean you need to only hang out with people who more successful or accomplished than you. What it does mean is eliminating people who negatively affect your life, people who are distracting or people who provide a toxic environment do not belong in your life.

If you feel like doing such is harsh and cutting off ties with the people is wrong then you do not properly value your time enough which will hinder your chance of being successful. The world is a very competitive place and you cannot afford to waste your time. The vast majority of wealthy people will tell you that time is your most valuable asset and it is not one that you can get back.

Recently, a friend and I went for coffee during my lunch hour. I brought a notepad with me. I love to write things down and I never know when something important is going to be mentioned. Additionally, a byproduct of this is bringing a purpose to the conversation. I ended up not writing much down from the conversation but it had a purpose and it was also efficient. Changing the way you present yourself whether it be the way you dress, act or just bringing a notepad it will add substance to your meetings/conversations.



  1. Hi Mr. Smordin,

    Love your articles. Great insight here. I’m wondering – what if making bad decisions and being ignorant is really fun? Do you think it is possible to achieve success through surrounding yourself with those that stimulate both your mind and your ignorance at the same time?

    I’m really enjoying your work. Hopefully we can do a Pizza x Success collaboration at some point in the near future.



  2. Hello Mr.PrC,

    Thank you for comment!
    Now you may be able to get away with surrounding yourself with less than adequate people, but in doing so you can only expect less than adequate results. Thank you for the comment and I hope you enjoy future blog posts.



    • Thank you for the comment! I agree that it is hard to let people go, but keeping them in your life isn’t worth the sacrifice to your success!


  3. Yes, I totally agree! I feel the same way and I know it can be hard.. sometimes it is better to stay in touch with some people but just avoid spending too much time with them!

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  4. But then here’s the conundrum – at least for me – my goal is to help people make the changes to find their own happiness but if I only surround myself with people who raise ME up its like I’m preaching to the choir. So then what?


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