Jerry Seinfeld Method

Today, I am going to introduce the Jerry Seinfeld method.This concept will help you to increase your productivity and your discipline. It will help you to create and develop almost unbreakable habits. As I’m sure you’ve already heard before most millionaires will tell you that success is developed through daily habits and these daily habits are the key to success.  If you are keen on developing a certain skill, habit, business or whatever it may be. This article could be your key to developing strong habits and reaching success.

Seinfeld method

This method became popular because of Jerry Seinfeld. Apparently people used to ask him how he became such a great comedian and he had a simple answer. Practice, practice, and more practice. The habit he had was developed was through a simple method that he had created. He would put a big X down on his calendar for any day he worked on his craft. Let’s say for example to get an X he had to do an hour of writing new jokes that day. So when he did an hour or more of writing new material in a day he would mark an X on the calendar. Eventually, as these X’s begin to build up it becomes addicting. Also, as you see your skills develop you get addicted to results and it causes you to keep pushing forward. You feel the need to keep this chain going that you are developing on your calendar and any day that you miss is a reminder that you need to work on your craft. It helps to fuels you to get to work and make up for those missed days. I know this because I use this in my personal life every day.

The power of the chain is that as it begins to build you don’t want to break it. It pushes you to be productive and continue to work on your goals day after day. As you develop the habit of marking these X’s the calendar begins to become less necessary. This is because the calendar is a tool that aids you to develop an unbreakable habit. The Jerry Seinfeld method is a very useful tool to developing an unbreakable chain of productivity and can be used for almost anything. Now figure out your goal, start working towards it every day and mark down those X’s!

Small improvements over time turn into large improvements because like money daily habits tend to compound over time. Daily habit allows you to become an expert much quicker. This isn’t a get rich quick type of scheme it focuses on achieveing extraordinary results over time by consistency and this is why it actually works. Don’t let yourself skip one day because it makes it much easier to skip other days! Jeff Bezos talked about the idea of incremental development. This states that consistent daily habits even if its something as small as 30 minutes a day has a much larger impact on your success than working very hard once or twice a week. Consistency is key at the end of the day!

One last reminder:  don’t break the chain!


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