The Seven Lies of Success

I am going to talk about a very powerful concept from a book I recently read!  The message behind the reading is to not be trapped up in a concept and still be open to other beliefs and continue to learn and grow every single day! Hopefully these beliefs can help you and push you further in your personal and professional goals!

Belief #1: Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.

Successful people have the amazing ability to focus on the best possible outcomes in a situation, they think about all the positive results that could come from it. No matter the negatives that they face or adversity, they believe in the end that all these troubles will lead to greater benefits and it usually ends up serving them! The point is to think positive and focus your vision on all the amazing possibilities that you can achieve no matter what life throws at you!


Belief #2: There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.

Most people in our culture are born and programmed to fear failure. They don’t pursue great opportunities and chances because of the fear of failing at them. However, what most people see as failure, successful people only see a result or an outcome. The super successful people are simply the ones who know that if they try something new and don’t get the outcome they want they will gain experience and knowledge regardless ultimately leading a positive outcome in the future. Producing new and improved results. It is ironic because many of the most successful people in the world tell you that the quicker you fail, the quicker you will become successful! A very powerful question to ask yourself is what would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail? It is crazy to think of because it would cause you to pursue a whole new course of actions that would help you learn and grow! So from now on, take the word failure out of your vocabulary and replace it with outcome!

no fail

Belief #3: Whatever happens, take responsibility.

One of the most powerful traits of successful people is that they realize they are 100% accountable for their actions and outcomes. Many people in the world feel as though they have no control over their lives, they just let the world act upon them. The second you stop believing this you will be much better off. For example, let us say that two people apply for a job they really want. The first person is decently qualified but is nothing special and has done nothing to prepare for the job or to help themselves to truly stand out. However, the second person has been researching the company for months, networking with people in the company, reading books to improve themselves and volunteering to make themselves a more attractive candidate.

They realize that getting the job is completely up to their actions and can be achieved! Now, if the first person was to not get the job, they would say that “it wasn’t mean to be”. Or they are “meant to do other things”, in reality, the fact is they just weren’t qualified or the best candidate and could have been if they had taken the time to improve and differentiate themselves. If the second candidate did not get the job, they would realize there is someone better out there and that they didn’t get the job because someone out there deserved it more. They would use this as motivation to improve themselves instead!

Belief #4: It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything.

Successful people understand they don’t need to waste their time getting bogged down learning every little single detail about something to be able to use it to their advantage. They know what is essential and focus on this instead. Successful people have a working knowledge about a lot of things but often have very little mastery over specific details of each thing. This is a common concept that is stressed by many successful people and was also mentioned in Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Successful people are very talented at making a distinction between what is important to learn and what is not. By doing this, they only focus their time and energy on what matters.

Belief #5: People are your greatest resource.

Extremely successful people have a sense of respect and appreciation for others. Long-lasting success requires rapport among people and teamwork. Have you ever heard the saying that if you are the smartest person in the group then you need to go find a new group? This same concept applies here! Successful people realize that people are their most valuable asset and they choose to leverage them accordingly. Successful people will often say one of their keys to success is to surround themselves with people who are smarter than them and use them to help them achieve their goals. They do this by simple methods such as genuine appreciation, positive feedback and encouragement. These concepts are simple! Nothing is stopping you from appreciating others, it is easy and it goes a long way! Often times you can save time and eliminate work by surrounding yourself with intelligent people, fast tracking yourself to success.

Belief #6: Work is play

You never find people who have achieved massive success by doing what they hate. This one is becoming cliché but it is so important so I will repeat it again. Passion, passion, passion! Do you get the picture? The only way to achieve flow and stay motivated and driven long-term in your life and not burn out is to do something that you love. Life is too short to do shit that you hate. If you hate what you are doing you should quit it right now, seriously. It is toxic to your life and you will find better things. There is nothing better in this life than here and now so make the best of it! People who are successful love the work they do. It challenges them, excites them, and overall makes their life richer. If work is not doing this for you then you need to find something new!

work play

Belief #7: There’s no abiding success without commitment.

The individuals who succeed are the one’s who have a belief in the power of commitment. It is the quality of the commitment and practice that separates the good from the great. It is crucial to success in any field. Have you ever heard the phrase: hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard? Well it is true. So if you want it then you better be prepared to work for it. It is so sad, we get bombarded every day with get rich quick schemes and lose ten pounds in ten days and all these other kinds of crap and bullshit schemes. They key to success is to put in the work. Quit wasting your time looking for the quick-fix that won’t work because you could commit that time to actually getting the results that you want. It is funny what many people call an “overnight success” has often been grinding in the shadows for ten years preserving through daily struggles to get to the point you see them at now. They didn’t get lucky they deserve it. This could be you too. Why not? Just put in the work and all the results in the world will come to you!

I hope that you re-read the article and really try to take some of these points in. They may seem simple but these concepts are completely life-changing. Your past doesn’t matter anymore, only your future! It is up to you to change it and you can make a better life for yourself if you choose to change your belief patterns and perspectives! I encourage everybody to believe in themselves and go create the dream life that they deserve!



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