This blog was created by two business students, Dax Smordin and Sam Anderson who both have a passion for business, investing, and success. The two of us are both very entrepreneurial and have a passion for sharing stories, tips, and advice we learn every day as we grow and develop in our lives and personal careers. We created this blog in the hope of sharing some simple, but potentially life-changing concepts in more difficult areas such as personal development, investing and personal finance to improve the lives of readers who visit our blog. We are very committed to succeeding in our lives and wish to help others do the same.

Our vision it to inspire and motivate people to be better. We hope with the creation of this blog to touch the lives of many. The biggest and most important part about success is sharing everything you learn with the people around you that you care about. The more people we can have a positive effect on the better.True leaders inspire others to be great and help them achieve their full potential and this is our number one goal as bloggers.

Dax and Sam grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. We were acquainted from a very young age playing high-level hockey together growing up. As we got older we both came to realize we were driven and ambitious people and starting some kind of business adventure together was the next step in our relationship. This led to the creating of this blog and another business idea that is currently in development.

Dax Smordin


Sam Anderson


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